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Parenting Courses

The Children's Centre periodically runs parenting courses, including  ‘Parenting Puzzle’ courses and ‘A Positive Relationship With Your Child’ courses. These encourage parents and carers to get the best out of family life, offering positive ways of guiding children. 

Parenting Puzzle

 The Parenting Puzzle

The next course for 2019 is at Potters Gate School, run by Annie and Lou: 

The next course will not run until September 2019 as we have had to cancel Aprils course due to low attendance 

Small donation requested towards handbook cost

Please note: there is no crèche for this course

To request a place on this course, call, email or call in to the Centre:

 Tel: 01252 891250             Email: childrenscentre@potters-gate.surrey.sch.uk

This parenting course encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and get the best out of family life. It offers practical, positive ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour.

This course is for parents living in our reach area. 

 The course covers the following areas:

  • Understanding children’s behaviour
  • Listening and  how babies and children communicate
  • Praise and encouragement
  • Power of Play 
  • Boundaries and parenting styles
  • Dealing with stress and conflict
  • Strategies to help manage behaviour
  • Looking after ourselves

    Click on this link for information about the course and other courses running in Surrey:



Positive Relationship With My Child - 4 or 10 Week Parenting Courses

Our Outreach Workers are trained to run the following free parenting course for small groups: ‘A Positive Relationship with my Child’. The course is designed to help parents build on their skills.  During the weekly sessions we explore and learn what you are already doing well, what else you would like to be doing and ideas on how you could achieve your goals. 


Tel: 01252 891250

Email: childrenscentre@potters-gate.surrey.sch.uk