Potters Gate Children's Centre

Things to do at Home!

Fun indoor things ideas...

1. Play some music and have a disco and dress up.

2. Have an indoor treasure hunt, list 5 things the children have to go and find, a pair of socks, a spoon ect.

3. Sing active songs, Hokey Cokey, Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes, Row Row Row your boat ect

4. Make and play playdough

5. Blow up some balloons to catch and bat about.


Fun outdoor activities

1. Check the swimming pools for splash time session which have fun toys and floats in the water.

2. Make an outside obstacle course - use balls/hoops/sheets and chairs ect to make an interesting course for the children to run between, hop roll and skip.

3. Put on your wellies and wet weather gear and go and find some puddles to jump in.

4. Walk to the park that is just a bit further away.

5. Take a magnifying glass and spot mini beasts and insects, collect leaves to make a collage with when you get home.